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U. P. Asbestos Ltd. was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, on 18th July ,1973 and obtained certificate of commencement of business on 4th August, 1973.

It is an existing public Limited company with its registered office at Lucknow. The Company is in the business of manufacturing and marketing of Asbestos Cement sheets & Moulded Goods under the brand name "UPAL"

The Company has its manufacturing unit at Mohanlalganj, Lucknow, U. P. consisting of three A. C. Shee -ting Lines while at Dadri (Gautam Budh Nagar) and at Nagpur (Maharashtra) there is one Sheeting Line each with a total installed capacity of 216000 MT per annum.


  1. While carrying, handle the sheets by the end and not by the sides.
  2. Smooth side of the sheet should face upwards.
  3. Holes -3 mm larger than the diameter of fixing bolts at crowns must be drilled, never punched.
  4. Screw nuts lightly at first and tighten only after 10-12 sheets are laid.
  5. Bitumen washers of good quality and flat GL washers must be used while fixing the bolts
  6. Never over tighten the nuts.
  7. Maximum purlin spacing recommended for roofing in 1.4 M and for side cladding 1.7M. Overhang eaves exceed 300 mm.
  8. Roof ladder should always be used when working.


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